SRC certificate

You need to pass an SRC exam to obtain a SRC certificate

 An SRC certificate is primarily used for recreational sailing and is required for operating maritime radio equipment.

Keep in mind that you also need a Ship Station License (Call sign) for the vessel.

Signing up for the exam

SRC exams  are arranged by approved providers. You must therefore contact the approved provider where you wish to register for the exam.
Sailing clubs, schools and the like can order exams to be arranged through approved providers.

You can find a list of approved providers here.

Issuance of an SRC certificate

It is the approved provider that issues your SRC certificate after passing the exam.

Are you in doubt about which provider has arranged the exam and must therefore issue your certificate?
You can see this on our self-service for Seafarers and the My Maritime app, on the page "Certificates, under "Yachtsman Exams and Certificates".

Lost certificate

If you have lost your SRC certificate, you must order a new one from an approved provider, usually the provider that issued the original certificate.
If your original certificate is issued by the Danish Maritime Authority, you can order a new certificate here.