​Suspended teaching and booking of future courses at Centre of Maritime Health Service.

Published 12-02-2021

Our government decided to continue the shutdown. Consequently, our Centre is not open for physical presence and teaching. Until we have plans, on how to re-open society, we suspend booking of future courses temporarily.

If your Medical Care Certificate expires shortly, you may contact our Centre in order to obtain a dispensation.

In connection with the dispensation, Danish Maritime Authority recommends to complete an E-learning program in order to refresh and update your theoretical knowledge on Medical Care on board Danish ships.

The E-learning includes introduction to the optional Covid-19 Appendix, introduced in January. In addition, the E-learning course has general information on Covid-19.

The E-learning cannot replace the practical teaching, but can provide theoretical knowledge, until we are again, able to provide practical teaching.

Danish Maritime Authority keeps the stakeholders informed, on our status, in an ongoing process.

Contact Centre of Maritime Health Service, at: cms@dma.dk or phone: +45 7219 6004