Ship Station License

​​​When you install maritime radio equipment or buy a new ship with maritime radio equipment, you must have a Ship Station License. You apply for this from the Danish Maritime Authority.

When being issued with a Ship Station License, the ship is assigned a call sign and an MMSI number. If the ship has portable VHF equipment with DSC function, a portable ID number will also be assigned.

A Ship Station License is assigned to one ship, and the assigned identification numbers must therefore only be used by that specific ship.

You can read more about changes to and deregistration of the Ship Station License on this page.

Once the Danish Maritime Authority has considered the application and issued the certificate, the owner of the Ship Station License will receive the certificate and a cover letter through e-Boks. These documents will be forwarded by email if you are exempted from e-Boks.

If you are in doubt regarding the application type, then you can read more on the guidance page for Ship Station License or contact us.

Before applying for a new Ship Station License, you must have the following at hand:

  • Your private MitID and credit card
  • Distinctive numbers or letters if the ship is in the register of shipping
  • The ship's field of application according to the ITU ship classification
  • Accounting Authority (AAIC)
  • The radio equipment installed on the ship
  • Contact person ashore in the event of a distress situation

A fee of 175 DKK will be charged for issuing a new call sign. The fee will be settled during the application process.

As the owner of the call sign, it is your responsibility that the information in the Ship Station License is correct.

Apply for a new Ship Station License

Read more about the subjects above on the guidance page for Ship Station License

An application for changes regarding the call sign should be made if changes are made after the issue of the call sign which affect the Ship Station License. Examples given are change of ship's name, owner, radio equipment, accounting authority or contact person ashore in the event of a distress situation.

The HEX ID for the ship's EPIRB is also registered by applying for changes, as are the registration and updating of the ship's Inmarsat numbers.

A fee of 175 DKK will be charged for change of ship's name and change of owner.
The remaining changes are free of charge. Any fees will be settled during the application process.

Apply for changes regarding Ship Station License

If you request to deregister the ship's license, you must complete the application form for deregistration.

Deregistration of the Ship Station License is free of charge.

It is important to deregister in the following cases:

  • If the ship is sold and the new owner does not wish to take ownership of the license.
  • If the ship is scrapped.
  • If the ship is deleted from the register of shipping.
  • If the ship is being admitted to the register of shipping, the existing call sign must be deregistered first.
  • Other scenarios where the license is no longer required.

Apply for deregistration of Ship Station License

You must have a radio certificate to be able to operate your radio

In order to operate a VHF radio, you must as a minimum have an SRC certificate.
For operating radio equipment in commercial ships, you must as a minimum have an ROC certificate.

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Do you need an identification number for markings, buoys etc.?

If you need to be assigned an identification number for markings, buoys etc, you must contact the Danish Maritime Authority's department for Safety of Navigation, National Waters 

You can find contact details here


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