IMO Audit

In 2021, Denmark has been audited by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to investigate whether Denmark lives up to its obligations under the internationally agreed conventions on maritime safety and protection of the marine environment.

The conclusion of the IMO audit is that Denmark lives up to its obligations.

You can read more about the study here

The IMO has introduced a mandatory supervision (IMO audit) of member states' compliance with the international maritime safety and marine environmental conventions. There are 175 member countries that must have an IMO audit, where internationally appointed experts review the countries' fulfillment of the many obligations as a result of international rules. It includes a wide range of obligations such as

  • drafting and enforcing legislation,
  • inspection of ships, education of seafarers,
  • control with a ban on the discharge of oil and waste,
  • establishment of rescue and emergency radio services and
  • navigational aid.

In addition, to ensure a global and harmonized implementation of the conventions, the aim is to continuously improve the safety and environmental standards for shipping, as well as promote global capacity building and provide technical assistance to the member states.


Danish Maritime Authority