Revisions to the use of neck collar.

Published 11-04-2022

The use of neck collar has been revised nationally in the hospitals and prehospital. Therefore, it will also be implemented at sea.

The revision has been implemented in accordance with national clinical guidelines.

Experiences have shown that patients who are stabilized with neck collar/spine board often suffers consequential injuries, due to the amount of time spent in this position before further treatment or evacuation is done.

From now on, the neck collar will only be used if prescribed by Radio Medical. The spine board will only be used for transportation or relocation/evacuation.   

How do these revisions affect you and your vessel?

Being in charge of medical care, you still have to safeguard patients with possible injuries to the neck and spine. You must still fixate the head and body, but in a more comfortable way using blankets and duct tape from the ship´s hospital.

On the website, you can find two publications to guide you.

Link to action card 

Link to flowchart 


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