The longest journey with an electric ferry has taken place in Denmark

Published 16-08-2019

The electric ferry ELLEN has been on her maiden voyage between Søby and Fynshav south of Funen in Denmark.

To the Danish Maritime Authority, this is the culmination of a project where the Danish Maritime Authority has been the involved authority – not least to ensure safety is part of the innovative work.

Martin John, Director of Ship Survey, Certification and Manning, the Danish Maritime Authority:

Electric ferries are one of the solutions to new climate friendly ferries. The Danish Maritime Authority has been partner, authority and now the flag of Denmark’s first ferry fully powered by electricity.

Electric ferries in rapid development

The new electric ferry ELLEN, which is an EU Horizon 2020 project al-so known as “E-Ferry”, is the first ferry in the world to hold a battery package with enough energy for both its ordinary operation as well as emergencies.

Great interest in the industry for green ferries

Many shipping companies are developing new solutions for ferries of the future. A development where safety goes hand in hand with growth in Blue Denmark.

The route is one of the world longest being served by a ferry fully pow-ered by electricity. 22 nautical miles without noise and smoke.