The Danish Maritime Authority paid tribute to the seafarer

Published 25-06-2020

Every day the seafarers carry out an important task in insuring the international trade. Today on 25 June we paid tribute to all seafarers all over the world on ”Day of the Seafarer 2020".

The role of the seafarers to the global community have being significant during the COVID-19 pandemic where the transport of goods at sea has being essential in order to insure vital supplies such as food and medicine not only to Denmark by the whole world.

The international celebration of the seafarer is especial important this year.

Andreas Nordseth, Director-General of the Danish Maritime Authority:

The seafarers have displayed a huge amount of goodwill and patience in this unique period where many of the other supply lines have been under pressure. We owe them our appreciation for their extraordinary efforts during COVID-19.  

The role of the seafarers during COVID-19 have also been acknowledged by the Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization, IMO, whom in a personal greeting encouraged the world community to provide the seafarers all the necessary support and aid in this difficult time.

The seafarers have among other things had longer signing on periods; because either crew change have been impossibly because of COVID-19 or crew change have been postponed.

"The working conditions have been very difficult. Aside of the lack of crew change there have also been challenges and uncertainties with the risk of infection, access to medical treatment etc.", Andreas Nordseth underlines.

 If you want to send a greeting to the seafarers then use #SeafarersAreKeyWorkers on social media.


Danish Maritime Authority