Electrifying Potential: Shore-side Power Generation in Ports

Published 24-11-2020

Join us on 3 December 2020 for an online conference on facilitating the transformation to a greener shipping and cruise industry in the Baltic Sea Region.

December 3rd, 2020 online via Cisco Webex

Before the covid-19 pandemic, the Baltic Sea was increasingly seeing more activity from both the cruise industry and commercial shipping, which potentially could have negative impacts on both the climate and environment. Increased use of shore side power provides a key tool in addressing this. However, transitioning to less carbon intensive business models requires investments and political commitment.
The Conference has invited key stakeholders from the region to share their perspective on the use of shore side power. 
“Air pollution from cruise ships has caused complaints from citizens living in our cities. Shore-side power is a solution that can have an immediate positive impact on the local communities around our ports in the Baltic Sea region, from St. Petersburg to Copenhagen. I have a vision that we in our region together can create the most sustainable cruise destination in the world”, says Danish Minister of Environment, Lea Wermelin.
“The cruise industry is an important part of tourism in the Baltic Sea region and the conference will provide key insights on the benefits of investing in shore side power from a commercial, economic and environmental perspective, but also deliver key insights on the regional value that lies in a transition and making the Baltic Sea a frontrunner in sustainable maritime transport”, says the Danish Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, Simon Kollerup. 
The conference is organized by the Danish Maritime Authority in conjunction with the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food, the Expert Group on Sustainable Maritime Economy under the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) and the Policy Area for clean shipping under the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea region. 


Danish Maritime Authority