Maritime cybersecurity is more important than ever

Published 14-10-2020

This was made clear at today's international webinar chaired by the United States, the Netherlands and Denmark.

The webinar was a continuation of the maritime cybersecurity event in the margins of the One Conference in The Hague in October 2019.

Andreas Nordseth, Director General of the Danish Maritime Authority: “The technological developments hold great potential for improving the maritime sector even more, and ensuring the necessary digital and green transformation.”

Risk of cyber attacks on ships and ports

However, when new technologies and digital solutions are introduced, the risk increases that cyber attacks can take place on board ships and in ports.

“Denmark view cyber threats on the same level as any other maritime safety and security related risk. An important part of finding solutions to the cyber vulnerabilities is by engaging in international collaboration and exchanging knowledge with other strong maritime nations”, Andreas Nordseth adds.

The fight against cyber pirates continues

Besides maritime experts from the United States, the Netherlands, and Denmark, participants from Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Israel, Germany, France and Belgium joined the discussions at today’s webinar.

The United States, the Netherlands, and Denmark, will continue the international cooperation on maritime cyber security matters in 2021, and seek to expand participation with even more likeminded maritime nations.


Danish Maritime Authority