Danish shipping remains at the top of the whitelists

Published 15-06-2022

For the second year in a row, Denmark is at the top of the Paris MoU white list, which shows how flag states perform during inspections in European ports.

The Port State Control Regime Paris MoU has just published their latest whitelist, where Danish ships are once again performing well at the top of the list. Also within Tokyo MoU's port state control regime, Danish ships are still on the white list. Denmark is also placed on the US Coast Guards Qualship 21 list, which covers port state controls in the USA.

The whitelists from Paris MoU (Europe) and Tokyo MoU (Asia) show how flag state ships perform when going through port state controls around the world.

Martin John, director of Ship Survey and Certification at the Danish Maritime Authority:

The Danish flag stands for quality shipping and high standards. Maintaining a position at the top of the whitelists is a great achievement by both the shipping companies and the seafarers on the Danish ships. This indicates a high level of safety awareness and benefits the industry by marking Danish shipping as quality shipping.

Port State controls are an important tool for ensuring that ships comply with international standards for safety, health and the environment, as well as proper working conditions for the seafarers.


Danish Maritime Authority