The Zero-Emission Shipping Mission presents a programme on future ports and calls for action and cooperation

Published 23-09-2022

The partnership "Zero-Emission Shipping Mission" launches an action plan for the mission's work and the program "Blue Print for Future Ports", which will demonstrate what an operational and commercial zero-emission port can look like in the future.

This week, a delegation from the Danish Maritime Authority attended the Global Clean Action Forum in Pittsburgh, USA. During the forum, the Deputy Director General of the Danish Maritime Authority, Rikke Wetter Olufsen, presented the Action Plan of the Zero-Emission Shipping Mission. It outlines the mission-led activities to successfully demonstrate commercially viable zero-emission ships by 2030.

In Pittsburgh, Rikke Wetter Olufsen also presented the Shipping Mission's first program, "Blue Print for Future Ports". The program will create a plan that demonstrates what a zero-emission port could look like in the future. It will accelerate progress towards the Shipping Mission's objectives.

You can find the Action Plan here

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