Denmark Engages in Multiple Initiatives Towards Achieving Carbon-Neutral Shipping by 2050  

Published 04-12-2023

Together with US, Norway and France, Denmark co-hosted the high-level event “Green Shipping Challenge: Leading the Global Energy Transition" at COP28 on 1 December.

Denmark presented a new initiative with a focus to strengthen cooperation with developing countries to implement the new climate strategy for international shipping. The Danish initiative consists of a contribution of DKK 20 million to IMO programmes targeted capacity building and technical cooperation to strengthen developing countries’ opportunities to engage in the green transition of shipping.

As part of enhancing the initiatives for the green transition in shipping, Denmark, in collaboration with the United States, has established a partnership with the Mærsk McKinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping. Denmark is contributing DKK 5 million to this partnership, aimed at exploring the potential for establishing green sailing routes in various developing countries

Furthermore, in connection with COP28, Denmark, along with France, South Korea, and several major shipping companies, has endorsed a declaration to accelerate the green transition of shipping. In this declaration, shipping companies commit, among other things, to set a date by which all newly built ships should be capable of sailing on zero- or near-zero-emission fuels. Governments commit to promoting fair competition conditions and regulations that support the green transformation of shipping. Simultaneously, governments pledge to work towards enhancing the opportunities for developing countries to participate in this green transition through international cooperation.


Joint private and public Commitments in favour of the decarbonisation of maritime transport