Focus on PtX as a lever for green shipping

Published 09-02-2023

Yesterday, when our Deputy Director-General, Rikke Wetter Olufsen, took part in a panel discussion organized by Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners and HØST PtX Esbjerg, the overall focus was on Power-to-X as a catalyst for the green transition of shipping.

”Today, shipping is such a large consumer of fuels that a sufficient supply of green fuels requires a new global production and supply chain. Therefore, large-scale production of PtX is fundamental if we are to succeed in achieving our goal of zero-emission shipping by 2050,” says Rikke Wetter Olufsen.

In addition to Rikke, the panel included TotalEnergies Denmark, NorSea Denmark, Monjasa, Maersk and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners. Therefore, the possibilities and barriers to PtX as a catalyst for the green transition of shipping were discussed both from the perspective of the authorities and from the perspective of the industry.

Among the panelists, there was agreement that cooperation between the public and private sectors is a prerequisite for succeeding in making shipping climate neutral by 2050. To this, Rikke adds:

We need to create the right framework for authorities, industry and researchers to work together on projects across sectors to scale up the production of green maritime fuels. This applies nationally, but not least internationally.

If you are interested in watching the panel discussion, parts from it can be found on Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners' LinkedIn page


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