Regulators' Forum on Ammonia Held in Copenhagen

Published 27-10-2023

The Danish Maritime Authority hosted an international meeting, Regulators' Forum, on October 25-26, with the aim of identifying the pressing questions, challenges, and solutions related to the use of ammonia as a fuel for ships.

The issue of which green fuels can contribute to achieving the maritime industry's goals for sustainability is high on the international maritime agenda. Ammonia has been highlighted as a potential alternative to the fossil fuels traditionally used in shipping. However, there are several challenges associated with using ammonia as a ship fuel. Therefore, more than 50 participants from around the world gathered in Copenhagen for discussions and knowledge sharing.

During the forum, there were inspiring presentations from the Mærsk McKinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping, the Niels Bohr Institute, MAN Energy Solutions, IMO, as well as case presentations sharing current experiences and perspectives from Singapore, Japan, and Norway. These presentations set the stage for subsequent discussions. The discussions revealed that there are still numerous questions regarding ammonia as a fuel that need to be addressed, and the forum laid the groundwork for continued knowledge exchange and collaboration to find answers to these questions.


Danish Maritime Authority