European Maritime Day 2024 is coming to Denmark

Published 12-04-2024

The European Maritime Day (EMD) is the annual two-day event during which Europe’s maritime community meet to network, discuss and outline joint action on maritime affairs and sustainable blue economy. This year’s EMD will be held at the SIMAC Academy in Svendborg on 30-31 May 2024.

Key Opportunities of attending European Maritime Day 2024:

  • Workshops: 24 expert-led workshops on all blue economy sectors, from maritime security to energy efficiency, offering insights on trends.
  • Networking opportunity to connect with maritime professionals for potential collaborations and your network expansion.
  • Industry overview: insights into sustainable aquaculture, fisheries, marine renewable energy, and digital advancements in the blue economy
  • Innovation promotion: a platform to discuss marine research, technological advancements, and skill development for regional cooperation enhancement.

The event targets professionals from businesses, governments, public institutions, NGOs and academia as well as EU citizens interested in the Sea. 

The EMD 2024 is organised by the European Commission, the Municipality of Svendborg and the Danish Maritime Authority.

Find more information about EMD and registration here