Celebrating the Day of the Seafarer 2024

Published 25-06-2024

On this year’s Day of the Seafarer, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) highlights seafarers’ vital role in making the maritime sector a safer workplace.

Each year, the IMO celebrates seafarers with a campaign focusing on the importance of their work in a sector that handles the majority of the world's transported goods. For 2024, the campaign emphasizes seafarers' contribution to maritime safety.

Seafarers are crucial in ensuring the safety of ships and their crews. Their commitment to safety at sea involves utilizing the right gear, undergoing rigorous training, and adhering to stringent safety protocols and much more.

To mark this year’s Day of the Seafarer, the IMO is encouraging seafarers to share their best safety tips at sea. Seafarers are invited to post a picture of themselves in their working environment, showcasing how they maintain safety on board, using the hashtag #SafetyTipsAtSea on social media.

Be creative and share how you contribute to maritime safety, whether through the equipment you use, the training you’ve received, or how you adapt to technological advancements and innovations to stay safe on board. The wider public is also invited to show their appreciation for the work of seafarers and acknowledge the importance of their safety at sea.

Happy Day of the Seafarer to all who navigate our seas and ensure our maritime sector remains safe and efficient!

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