Next step on the path towards a climate neutral shipping sector

Published 12-03-2024

In the coming weeks, the Danish Maritime Authority will participate in negotiations on future climate regulation for international shipping.

The meetings in the International Maritime Organization (IMO) are the first since the agreement on a revised climate strategy, which was adopted in July 2023.

The main topic on the agenda is the proposals for future climate regulation that are on the table, including the EU’s proposal for a GHG fuel standard in combination with a GHG pricing mechanism such as a levy. It is expected that the discussions during the next two weeks will create a clearer understanding of the proposals that have been presented. This will create a basis for selecting regulation measures in the autumn that will be developed further. According to the Strategy, the basket of regulatory measures must be ready for approval by the end of 2025.

For Denmark, it is a priority that future regulation can ensure the fulfilment of all objectives of the IMO 2023 climate strategy, not least the goal of climate neutral shipping by 2050.


Danish Maritime Authority

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