Regulations on construction and equipment

Recreational craft must be constructed and equipped in accordance with the provisions of Order no. 1687 of 12 December 2016. These regulations and provisions consist of the following sections:

Application and definitions
Requirements for safety equipment, etc.
Penalty provisions
Entry into force
Annex 1 - Construction and equipment, etc. of certain large recreational craft
Annex 2 - Fixed LPG installations and cooking appliances using spirits or kerosene

and are available here: Order no. 1687 of 16 December 2016

The regulations include, inter alia, the provisions of the EU recreational craft directive (2013/53/EU), stipulating the safety requirements applicable to recreational craft with a hull length between 2.5 and 24 metres that are put on the market or taken into use in Denmark (or in another EU country) after 16 June 1998.

The regulations issued by the Danish Maritime Authority also include provisions applicable to recreational craft with a hull length above 24 metres.

Regulations applicable to recreational craft longer than 24 metres.


Ship Survey, Certification and Manning