Deep-sea certificate

What do you need to fulfill and how do you obtain a deep-sea certificate as a pilot.

Apply for a deep-sea certificate

How to do

  • Fill in all mandatory fields in the application form for a deep-sea pilot certificate
  • Attach required documentation for sailing frequency in the area(s) applied for
  • Attach digital photo in passport quality (digital photo in high resolution) 
  • The Danish Maritime Authority will consider the application when the application form including sufficient documentation has been received.
  • When the requirements for the application are met, a deep-sea pilot certificate is issued and sent to the applicant or to the pilotage service provider by whom the applicant is employed
  •  An invoice is forwarded to the applicant or to the pilotage service provider employing the applicant

The deep-sea pilot certificate is valid for 5 years in the areas applied for and granted.

The issue and expiry dates on the deep-sea pilot certificate follow the area last granted, but the expiry date for each area follows the date the specific area is granted.