Danish Maritime Authority's buoy tender

The Danish Maritime Authority has a buoy tender, "POUL LØWENØRN". The ship solves tasks related to maintenance of aids to navigation (buoys and lights) in Danish waters and are also used for hydrographic surveys.

Following agreement, tasks are carried out for others, including:

  • Buoyage work
  • Salvage operations
  • Hydrographic surveys
  • Diving operations
  • Sampling

Facts about the ships:​

  • The ship have a length of 53,44 metres
  • The ship have a breadth of 11 metres
  • The ship have a draught of 3.30 metres
  • Maximum speed of 12 knots/workspeed of 10 knots
  • The crane has a maximum reach of 13 metres and can lift 10 tonnes
  • The chain winch is capable of pulling 30 tonnes at a speed of 10 m/s.


Safety of Navigation, National Waters