Maritime sector cooperation between Ghana and Denmark

Published 15-10-2019

Ghanaian tugboat masters in Denmark to acquire new tools of the trade.

A team of tugboat masters just finished a training programme in Denmark as part of the strategic sector cooperation between Denmark and Ghana. The training has provided the tugboat masters with new tools on how to carry out tugboat missions in the Port of Tema – one of the biggest and busiest ports on the West African coastline. The tugboat masters have shared in kind their views and experiences from tug operations in their own territorial waters.

Charlotte Ahrendt Steen, Deputy Director at the Danish Maritime Authority:

“The two weeks of training in Denmark is a great example of how the maritime sector cooperation improves the collaboration between Denmark and Ghana for mutual benefit.”

The training programme has been compiled by the Danish Maritime Authority in collaboration with Danpilot and the Port of Aarhus. The tugboat masters have, among other things, undergone an intensive tugboat course at Force Technology, completed a safety course at RelyonNutec in Esbjerg, and carried out tugboat missions in the Port of Aarhus.

Maritime sector cooperation with Ghana

Since 2016, Denmark and Ghana have been engaged in official maritime sector cooperation. The cooperation will continue until 2021.

One of the primary purposes of the cooperation is to assist with capacity development in the maritime sector in Ghana, for the mutual benefit of Ghana and Denmark. This includes training of tugboat masters as part of the Port of Tema’s combined measures to handle larger container ships.

The maritime sector cooperation is financed by Danida.


Danish Maritime Authority