The Danish Maritime Authority fully established in Korsør

Published 07-10-2019

All employees at the Danish Maritime Authority's head office have now landed in Korsør.

​The last employees have now moved from Valby to the new premises, which is divided into three locations in Korsør. The main address is at Caspar Brands Plads 9, Korsør. The two other locations are at Fjordvænget 30 and Batterivej 7. At Casper Brands Plads, the Danish Maritime Authority has set up a meeting centre, canteen and a café for the employees, and this is also where the administration welcomes guests and receives mail.

Director General of the Danish Maritime Authority, Andreas Nordseth:

Now we are all gathered in Korsør. We have three great buildings that will provide a good framework for our work. I look forward to welcoming customers and partners to the new, attractive surroundings.

The Danish Maritime Authority’s new address is Caspar Brands Plads 9, 4220 Korsør.


Danish Maritime Authority