Paving the way for new technological solutions

Published 08-11-2021

New technology and solutions are evolving faster than regulation can keep up with, which is often a barrier for first movers. To break down the barriers, the Danish Maritime Authority is now establishing the DMA Regulatory Future Lab.

The DMA Regulatory Future Lab introduces a new framework and new methods for approving innovative solutions to the challenges facing shipping. If an inquiry for approval of new technologies, designs, operations, etc. challenges the current regulation, it can now be managed in Future Lab. Here, solutions are found in collaboration with the ship owner, designers, classification society, consultants, etc.

Andreas Nordseth, Director General of the Danish Maritime Authority:

The solutions to the climate crisis will challenge the regulation and our own administration. The same is very much true for new digital systems. The Danish Maritime Authority would like be an active partner in the evolution that shipping is undergoing, and we wish to take part in ensuring that good ideas can be implemented in a safe and sound manner.

Example 1

Carbon neutral container ships

Maersk is working with the Danish Maritime Authority on a number of ocean-going methanol container vessels, which is a good example of a climate frontrunner. Maersk uses a number of alternative technologies to achieve the desired climate goals. 
The approval of technologies related to methanol as fuel goes beyond the conventional regulation. In an efficient collaboration in Future Lab – between ship-owner, advisors and the Danish Maritime Authority – solutions are found so that the ships can obtain the necessary flag state approvals.

Example 2

Remote-controlled surveying ship in Danish waters

A Geodata company approached the Danish Maritime Authority to inquire whether they could use a remote-controlled ship on projects in Danish waters. The unmanned 12.5-meter long vessel is used for sea surveying and is controlled from a control center in Aberdeen, Scotland. As there are no clear rules in the area, the inquiry challenges the Danish Maritime Authority both in the role of responsible for safety in Danish waters, but also in the role of responsible for ensuring that safety is in order on the ship. The inquiry is managed in Future Lab.


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