What will be the level of ambition for reduction of GHG-emission from ships in the future?

Published 20-11-2021

That is going to be debated at a meeting next week in IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee.

At COP 26, Denmark presented a declaration on Zero-Emission Shipping by 2050 highlighting the focus on climate neutral shipping, which 17 countries have joined so far. Decarbonisation of international shipping is also on the agenda for next week’s international meeting at the IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee and a high level of ambition is the Danish priority in the initial debate on the revision of the strategy for reduction of GHG emissions from ships.

In 2018, the first strategy for the reduction of GHG emissions from ships was approved by the UN International Maritime Organization’s member states with a clause that the strategy should be revised by 2023. The work on the revision starts at the next meeting in the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC). From the Danish side an ambitious new strategy is the aim and we need all member states on board the green transition of the maritime sector.

Ballast water, Black Carbon and Data Collection System are some of the other topics being debated.

MEPC 77 takes place online from 22-26 November.


Danish Maritime Authority