The holiday provisions for seafarers and fishermen correspond to those of the ordinary holidays act.

In order to make the provisions at sea more flexible, they do, however, differ from the provisions of the act in the following areas:

  • Within the field of shipping, it is possible by collective agreement to decide that the holiday year follows the calendar year. 
  • For seafarers on merchant ships it is possible to place the main holiday during the entire holiday year. 
  • By collective agreement it is possible to agree that holidays in addition to the main holiday are given as individual days. 
  • Seafarers domiciled outside EU and EEA countries are, when the employment terminates, entitled to receive holiday allowance at a point in time that is too early.
  • Seafarers who are, as a consequence of their collective agreement, part of a holiday account scheme will not have their holiday information reported to Feriepengeinfo.​


Seafarers, Certification and Social Affairs