Digital Ship Register in internal production

Published 18-10-2021

As part of the Danish state’s digitization strategy, the Danish Maritime Authority has developed a new digital ship register.

The system has today been put into internal production at the Danish Maritime Authority, where the system optimizes workflows for the employees of the Ship Register. Besides optimizing, the system also ensures an extra layer of security and control regarding ship registration.

When the digital ship register will be launched for external users at a later date, users will be able to register ships themselves using a self-service solution. This will make life easier for the users, as they will not have to bother with original paper documents and will be able to perform registrations, whenever they see fit.

Today’s launch of the digital ship register does not affect the way in which customers interact with the Danish Maritime Authority. The same forms and documents must still be filled out and sent into the Ship Register, who then make changes and create registrations in the new system. As part of the development of the Digital Ship Register, the Registration Record has gotten a user-friendly upgrade. The new Registration Record is already in use.



Danish Maritime Authority