Today, we celebrate the International Day of the Seafarer

Published 25-06-2023

At this year’s Day of the Seafarer, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) highlights seafarers’ contribution to the protection of the marine environment.

Each year, the IMO celebrates the seafarers with a campaign that focuses on the importance of seafarers' work in a sector that accounts for approx. 90% of the world's transported goods. For 2023, the campaign emphasizes seafarers' contribution to the safety of ships and the marine environment.

While there is an increasing need and demand for the sector to decarbonise and become more environmentally sustainable, seafarers play an increasingly important role in protecting our oceans. Every day at sea, they help to enforce IMO’s treaties by implementing rules on garbage, sewage, air pollution prevention and much more.

To mark this year’s Day of the Seafarer, the IMO is encouraging seafarers to share a photo of the marine environment using the hashtag #OceansWorthProtecting on social media.

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Danish Maritime Authority