Documentation of seagoing service

​​​​Foreign seafarers who need documentation of their seagoing service, for example when being employed by a shipowner, when being issued with a certificate of competency or when applying for benefits pursuant to employment law, can document their seagoing service on Danish ships in one of the following ways:

  • Discharge book 
    Seafarers can use endorsed discharge books as documentation of seagoing service. Therefore, seafarers are urged to save and keep their previous discharge books.
  • Employment agreements 
    Saved employment agreements can be used as documentation. If an employment agreement has gone lost, the previous employer can be contacted.
  • Record of seagoing service​
    The shipowner on board whose ship the seafarer has served or the seafarer's employer can draw up a record of seagoing service.
  • Payments under the supplementary pension scheme (ATP)
    If supplementary pension has been paid to the ATP on the seafarer's wages, the ATP can be contacted in order to get documentation of this.
  • Salary statements 
    If the seafarer does not have any of the documentation mentioned above, salary statements or the like can be used as documentation. In this connection, the seafarer must contact his or her previous employer.

If it is not possible to acquire the documentation mentioned above, the seafarer can contact the Danish Maritime Authority by email:  or by telephone: +45 72 19 60 00, which can in some cases assist with information about individual persons' seagoing service on Danish ships.

In connection with applications for pension for foreign seafarers, this is administered by Udbetaling Danmark​, which is a part of the Ministry of Employment, both can provide more details about applications, about the conditions for getting a pension, etc.

Please note that the Danish Maritime Authority's information about the signing on and signing off of seafarers is not exhaustive, therefore, the Ministry of Employment must decide whether the information is sufficient as documentation of seagoing service.



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