Digital certificates for seafarers

​​​Our first pilot project demonstrated and visualized the potential utilization of digital certificates for seafarers.

Updates on pilot project on digital certificates

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At the Danish Maritime Authority, we wish to pave the way for a digital maritime sector. We strive to inspire with progressive projects and initiatives.

We have already made great progress working on the digitalization of certificates for seafarers. Now we are initiating a proof of concept-project to show how the functioning of digital certificates could become in practice.

Our vision of digital certificates for seafarers holds great potential and many aspects. We expect to lessen the administrative burdens of all stakeholders within the maritime sector. We predict that Port State Controls will become more smooth and efficient. Digital certificates will provide a higher level of security and validity while instant and automatic verification will be key.

We have simplified our vision with this illustration:


We are proud to present the Pilot Project of Digital Certificates.

Our goal is to share best practices with flag states and international organizations in order to get the entire maritime sector on board with the digitalisation of certificates for seafarers.

International cooperation is key to succeeding, which is why we hope for a great interest in our project from all stakeholders.

How does this affect the seafarer?

Our pilot project aims to show how digital certificates could function onboard ships, for companies and authorities.

The digitalisation of certificates will mean changes for the seafarer too.

In this video, we highlight some of the expected benefits and potential.


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