Presentation at the International Maritime Organization


​​Today, we took the stage at the International Maritime Organization in London to present our project on digital certificates for seafarers.

Our presentation focused on our ongoing projects, as well as the importance of collaboration in order for a successful implementation internationally.

While our work on digitalization of certificates for seafarers is in great progress, we are now initiating a pilot project to demonstrate how it can function in practice, as a proof of concept.

The presentation took place during the 6th session of Human element, Training and Watchkeeping (HTW) under the IMO, where a correspondence group on digital certificates for seafarers was established. The coming year, it will address identified challenges on international implementation. The Danish Maritime Authority will take active part in this correspondence group.
We believe our projects can provide the correspondence group with valuable knowledge and hands on experience with development and utilization, both from our pilot project and the ongoing project on implementing digital certificates.
It is our plan to present again at the 7th session of HTW in June 2020.​​


Seafarers, Certification and Social Affairs