Pilot project prototype


The development of our prototype is completed.

The prototype aims to visualize how digital certificates could be available onboard or online in advance, prior to a ship arriving port.
It will require implementation of digital certificates internationally and agreement on availability by sharing data. Solutions that our digitalization project is focusing on. 
The pilot project consists of a prototype, which presents seafarer certificates digitally. Administrations do not issue digital certificates at this point, why the certificates presented is a digital version of the valid physical certificates.
The purpose of the pilot project is to have the ship completing an international voyage, without need of presenting paper certificates.

In our presentation at the IMO, the picture below was used for illustrating part of our vision.
Now we have realized this vision with our prototype, which will go onboard the MUMBAI MAERSK for the duration of the pilot project.


Seafarers, Certification and Social Affairs