Digital certificates up for inspection in Singapore...​


Digital certificates passed the inspection in Singapore with flying colours.

With great anticipation the ​Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) visited to perform the first live inspection on digital certificates.​

​Representatives from PSC, Flag State and Documentation with MPA Singapore visited to participate and assist us in our project.
Captain Jørgen presented the prototype and concept. There was a good talk with plenty of questions.
We were provided with very positive constructive feedback and inputs, for the continuous work, development and implementation of digital certificates and i.e. how it would benefit PSC inspections.
This is the first live inspection on board ​by maritime authorities, why we are excited about the positive feedback.
Now we look forward to port calls in China and Korea the coming weeks, where authorities will also visit and participate.​
A few quotes and pictures from the visit.
"The prototype was easy to work with, worked fast both online and offline"; "We would definitely hope to see this implemented".


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