Who can sign forms

The signatory must be authorised (signing authority)

If the owner is a company, the form must be signed by the authorised officers of the company. The form may also be signed by another person if he or she holds a power of attorney to sign. In that case, you must present an original power of attorney signed by the authorised officers.

Power of attorney - Register of Shipping

Danish company

If the owner is a Danish company, signing authority may be documented by referring to the Danish Central Business Register (CVR).

Foreign company

If the owner is a foreign company, signing authority may be documented by a notary attesting to the identity and authority of the person signing on behalf of the company. If the notary is not resident in the EU or the EEA, the notary’s attestation must be authenticated or apostilled. If the notary is resident in the EU/EEA, no authentication or apostille is required.

In exceptional cases, an official transcript from the register of companies in the country where the company is established may confirm the signatories’ authority to sign for the company. Signatures outside the EU/EEA must be apostilled and a notary must attest to the identity of the signatory.

Power of attorney

All documents submitted to the Register of Shipping for registration must be signed by the person wishing to act (sign) in relation to the interest which the document concerns, for example bills of sale, mortgages or application forms.

If the authorised signatory/signatories is/are unable to sign the document, they may instead prepare a power of attorney for another natural or legal person, authorising such other person to sign on their behalf. You can see a standard power of attorney and its contents under ‘Power of attorney’. The power of attorney is digitally signed using NemID.

Power of procuration

Having power of procuration in a company usually means authority to bind the company and act on its behalf in all matters relating to ordinary operations. This does not include the disposal and mortgaging of ships. In the case of disposal or mortgaging of ships, this must be specified in the power of procuration and the original power of procuration must be sent to the Register of Shipping.


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