Blue Denmark is characterised by strong cooperation across the sector and a number of partnerships contribute to solving specific problems and coping with the challenges of the future.​

One of the strengths of Blue Denmark is strong cross-sectoral cooperation. Both between individual companies, between research and educational institutions and between public authorities, and across the entire cluster, it is a tradition to cooperate closely about solutions to specific problems, the development of new solutions and the handling of future challenges. Part of this cooperation takes place in formalised partnerships.

Blue Inno +

So far, Blue Inno+ is the most comprehensive cooperation project between the maritime industry, shipowners, universities, GTS institutes and the authorities. The DKK 117 million project consists of 14 green innovation projects intended to enhance growth and create jobs in the maritime industry. Blue Inno+ has received a DKK 50 million funding from the Innovation Fund.

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Danish Maritime Days

The association Danish Maritime Days is a public-private partnership between Danish Shipping, Danish Maritime and the Danish Maritime Authority. The partnership is responsible for arranging the international maritime event Danish Maritime Days. Danish Maritime Days consists of a wide array of professional, international and popular events in the course of several days and arranged by a wide section of Blue Denmark. The maritime summit Danish Maritime Forum, which attracts participants from all over the world, is the flagship during Danish Maritime Days.

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World Careers

Blue Denmark has joined forces to establish the recruiting cooperation World Careers. Everyone with an interest in a career in Blue Denmark can find information about educational and career opportunities in the Danish maritime cluster at Worldcareers.

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Green Ship of the Future

The partnership Green Ship of the Future is a public-private partnership established by a number of companies, knowledge institutions and authorities. Under the auspices of this partnership, cooperation projects are established within environmentally- and energy-efficient solutions.

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