Marketing Blue Denmark

The Danish Maritime Authority is striving to market Blue Denmark. Danish Maritime Days is the flagship of the marketing efforts made, which also include marketing publications in English.

According to the Plan for Growth in Blue Denmark, Denmark should be at the centre of maritime Europe and our marketing efforts should be strengthened. Blue Denmark is being marketed in close cooperation with the maritime industries and other maritime stakeholders.

The Danish Maritime Authority cooperates with, inter alia, Invest in Denmark to attract foreign maritime companies to the Danish maritime cluster and with State of Green to increase the demand for Danish maritime transport services, products, etc., including green maritime solutions. In addition, the Danish Maritime Authority strives to retain and strengthen Denmark's position and reputation in international maritime circles.

Close cooperation in Blue Denmark

One of the strengths of Blue Denmark is close cooperation. Blue Denmark is cooperating when developing policies, regulations and new solutions to the challenges of the future.

The drawing up of the Danish Government's plan for growth in Blue Denmark in 2018 is an example of policy development in close cooperation between the industry and the authorities.

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Blue Denmark's cooperation is also put into practice through a number of partnerships in Blue Denmark. Blue Inno+, WorldCareers and Green Ship of the Future all contribute with innovative solutions to the challenges of the future. ​

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Blue Growth and Maritime Policy

Marketing cooperation

The Danish Maritime Authority cooperates with various stakeholders on the marketing of Blue Denmark.

Invest in Denmark
State of Green

Profile brochure on Blue Denmark

In cooperation with stakeholders in Blue Denmark, the DMA has developed a profile brochure in English on Blue Denmark.

Profile brochure on Blue Denmark