Test activities in Denmark

​The Danish Maritime Authority experiences great interest for test activities several places in the country. The majority of the projects are, for the moment, in a development phase.

Below, you will find a list of current activities.

  • Test of remote-controlled tug in Copenhagen area (SVITZER HERMOD)
  • Test of remote-controlled work vessel in waters south of Fyn (TUCO Yards, Faaborg, and the American company, Sea Machines)
  • Test of autonomous passenger vessel in Limfjorden (Center for Logistik og Samarbejde i Aalborg)
  • Test of autonomous drone ind the port of Svendborg (DanaDynamic)
  • Test of land based pilotage by means of drone technology in Fiord of Nyborg (Danpilot)

Safety is central in any test activity, and based on a safety case, the Danish Maritime Authority assesses if the safety is satisfactory, and whether the desired area is safe to use for the desired test of technology.

Examples of test activities

Land based pilotage and drone tech

Read about the project with land based pilotage by means of drone technology in the fiord of Nyborg.

Remote-controlled tug

Read about the project with the remote-controlled tug.

Remote-controlled work vessel

Read about the project with remote controlled work vessel

Unmanned maritime surveys

Read about the autonomous drone project


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