Danish Shipping Board

The Danish Shipping Board is a Danish Board that has been established as part of the NATO cooperation tasked with controlling or securing the use of relevant parts of the merchant fleet in case of war or an imminent risk of war.

The merchant fleet can be used either for joint international defence measures or for goods transportation and maritime traffic. However, this requires that the activities of the Board form part of a shipping body established by NATO - a so-called Defence Shipping Authority.

However, the Board can, prior to this, take over the right of use of Danish ships if the Treasury compensates the shipowner for all expenses and losses incurred in this connection. The Board consists of a chairman and three members appointed by the Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs as well as three members appointed by Danish Shipping.

Secretarial assistance for the Danish Shipping Board is provided by the Danish Maritime Authority. 

Shipowner Claus V. Hemmingsen, A.P. Møller-Mærsk A/S

CEO Jan Rindbo, NORDEN A/S

CEO Anne H. Steffensen, Danish Shipping

CEO Niels Smedegaard, DFDS A/S

CEO Jacob Meldgaard, TORM A/S

Secretary General Fritz Ganzhorn, Danish Maritime Officers (Søfartens Ledere)

Keld Bækkelund Hansen, Metal Søfart

Director General Andreas Nordseth, Danish Maritime Authority

Director Kristina Ravn, Danish Maritime Athority

Special Adviser Erik Tvedt, Danish Maritime Authority


Danish Maritime Authority