History of the Danish Maritime Authority

The Danish Maritime Authority was established in 1988. From the onset, we have performed tasks such as ship survey and certification. Over the years, more tasks have been added, including assistance to the minister and legislation and, later, after the merger with the Danish Maritime Safety Administration, also aids to navigation and navigational information and navigation warnings.

1988: Six maritime institutions merge to become the Danish Maritime Authority: The State Ships Inspection, the Directorate for Seafarers, the Directorate for the Maritime Training Programme, the Register of Shipping, the Welfare Office and the State Ice Service. Mr. Thorkild Funder was appointed Director General of the new government agency. The Danish International Register of Shipping (DIS) was established.

1996: Mr. Jørgen Hammer Hansen was appointed new Director General of the Danish Maritime Authority. The Funder Committee presents its report: "A future for Danish shipping".

2000: The Act on the Danish International Register of Shipping is revised so that it becomes possible to admit passenger ships engaged in foreign trade to the Register.

2001: All maritime training programmes become private foundations. The tonnage taxation scheme is introduced.

2003: The Danish Maritime Authority publishes "A shipping policy growth strategy", in which the industry at large presents its recommendations for the recruiting and training programmes of the future.

2006: The action plan "Denmark as Europe's leading shipping nation" is published.

2009: Mr. Andreas Nordseth takes over the position as Director General of the Danish Maritime Authority.

2011: The Danish Maritime Safety Administration is abolished, and the Danish Maritime Authority takes over the majority of the tasks: Aids to navigation and lights, navigational information and navigation warnings as well as the Danish Pilotage Authority.

2012: The "Plan for Growth in Bue Denmark" is published.

2013: The Danish Maritime Authority moves to its new premises on Carl Jacobsens Vej in Valby.

2017: The headquarters of the Danish Maritime Authority is moved to temporary premises at Fjordvænget 30 in Korsør. 50 employees are relocated.

2019: The Danish Maritime Authority fully established in Korsør. The new headquarter is at three adresses in Korsør. The main address is at Caspar Brands Plads 9, Korsør. The two other locations are at Fjordvænget 30 and Batterivej 7. At Casper Brands Plads, the Danish Maritime Authority has set up a meeting centre, canteen and a café for the employees.