What to do if a crewmember on board has symptoms of COVID-19?

Danish Maritime Authority and Radio Medical Denmark have jointly, prepared guidelines in case a seafarer on board shows symptoms of COVID-19.

Do as follows

  1. Immediately, isolate the seafarer in his own cabin.
  2. Instruct the isolated person in good hand hygiene and cough- and sneeze- etiquette (Find information at: sst.dk/en/English)
  3. Contact Radio Medical Denmark in case you need advice and guidance
  4. Give general information on increased hygienic measures to the remaining crew (Find information at: sst.dk/en/English)


Limit contact to the isolated person – as few persons as possible.

When in contact with the isolated person, practice, as a minimum, a 1 meter distance.

If there is a need to examine the isolated person, the examiner should use:

  • Gloves – C.1, C.2, C.11 and C.12*)
  • Face mask C.9*)

If the isolated person coughs a lot, equip him with face mask C.9*).

After examination of the isolated:

  1. Remove gloves followed by, hand wash/ alcohol
  2. Take of face mask followed by hand wash/alcohol
  3. Dispose of trash/used material followed by hand wash/alcohol

Equipment used a/by the isolated person, remain in his cabin.

Serve food and drinks with single use/disposable plates, cups and cutlery – dispose of in plastic bag.

Together, the isolated person and the person treating him, place the first bag in a second plastic bag. Close, and dispose of outer bag.

In case of long term isolation, instruct the isolated person to clean his cabin, no less than once daily, with special attention surfaces and toilet. Use regular cleaning utensils, which remain in his cabin.

The isolation can be lifted 48 hours after symptoms/fever disappear.

(*Refers to Inventory, control document and User Instructions)


Danish Maritime Authority