Flagship Projects

The EUSBSR is implemented, among others, by means of Flagships – projects and processes. Flagships demonstrate the process and progress of the EUSBSR, and may serve as pilot examples for desired change. A Flagship is frequently the result of a policy discussion within a Policy Area/Horizontal Action. It fleshes out the ambition of a Policy Area/Horizontal Action in a specified field. It may, for example, develop key solutions, new methodologies, practises or be a network looking for new forms of cooperation. Flagships may also concern key investments of regional importance.

Are you leading an ongoing project or just have an idea you want to develop that can contribute to implementing the EUSBSR? Then consider becoming a Flagship or a Seed Money Project.

What are the advantages of becoming a Flagship?

  • An official recognition as "Flagship" in the EUSBSR. 
  • Increased political attention while the project is running. 
  • Contacts with other projects operating in the field. 
  • Access to exhibition of results at various meetings and events with attendance of the maritime authorities from the Baltic Sea region, the European Commission and other stakeholders. 
  • Assistance to convey project results and recommendations to the policy level once the project is completed. 
  • Expected somewhat easier application in some EU funding programmes.

Can my project become a Flagship?

A project/process which contributes to the objectives of the EUSBSR can apply to become a Flagship. First, it is necessary to identify which Policy Area or Horizontal Action in the EUSBSR the project contributes to. These are listed in the Action Plan of the EUSBSR. Second, the project needs to contact the relevant Policy Area Coordinator (PAC) or Horizontal Acton Coordinator (HAC) and be advised on the further process. The process is also described in the Action Plan (page 17-19).

In PA Safe and PA Ship projects/processes applying for Flagship status should contribute to the actions identified in the relevant chapters of PA Ship and PA Safe in the Action Plan. It is usually a requirement that the project is already financed at the time of application.

However, projects or project ideas which have not yet obtained funding are encouraged to get in touch with the PACs and can become involved by e.g. applying for EUSBSR Seed Money or can get advice on funding, policy relevance or on how to find relevant project partners.

Obtaining a letter of support

A project which is applying for funding and which can potentially contribute to the objectives of PA Ship or PA Safe can explore the possibilities of obtaining a letter of support from the PAC stating in which way the project is likely to contribute to the EUSBSR if carried out.

The PAC kindly ask projects, as a general rule, to request a letter of support minimum 3 weeks before the submission deadline to allow the Policy Area Coordinator to assess whether the project concerned contributes to implementing the EUSBSR and to consult with the international Steering Committee. The request for a support letter should contain all the relevant information which the Policy Area Coordinator needs in order to assess the project and it should not least describe how the project contributes to the EUSBSR and the Policy Area in question. As a general rule, the Policy Area Coordinator will assess projects applying for letters of support on the basis of the same criteria as Flagships (see above).



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