Conditions for the use of data

The Danish Maritime Authority (hereinafter referred to as the Authority), which has the immaterial rights to the data made available on (hereinafter referred to as data), will grant user rights to data on the below conditions.

The conditions are accepted in connection with any use of data. The conditions are regulated by Danish law.

User rights

The Authority grants a worldwide, free, non-exclusive and otherwise unlimited user right to data, which can, inter alia, freely be:

  • copied, distributed and published;
  • changed and combined with other material;
  • used commercially and non-commercially.


Data must not be used in a manner indicating that the Authority approves, supports, recommends or markets the user, the user's products or services.

It must be ensured that the use of data is in accordance with Danish law.

Source references

When using data, the following must be stated: Contains data from the Danish Maritime Authority that is used in accordance with the conditions for the use of Danish public data.

The rights and responsibilities of the Authority

Data are made available as they are and the Authority has no responsibility for the contents, origin, errors and defects or any type of damage that may occur as a consequence of the use of the data.

The Authority does not guarantee that it will continue to make data available and can at any time change the user rights to data and the conditions hereon.


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