Guidelines for nautical information

The Danish Maritime Authority publishes warnings regarding conditions that may present a risk or be of considerable inconvenience to seafarers in Danish waters as well as Notices to Mariners for the entire Danish Realm. Together, these warnings and notices are referred to as nautical information. Nautical information is communicated through various media, as described below.

Navigational warnings – Denmark

Sudden conditions that may present a risk or be of considerable inconvenience to ship traffic are communicated as Local or Navigational warnings. Local or Navigational warnings contain all sudden conditions related to safe navigation that are known by the Danish Maritime Authority and that have not been published in Notices to Mariners (EfS). Local warnings are published on this webpage, on DR text-TV page 428, via the SejlSikkert App (in Danish) and are, furthermore, broadcasted daily on Kalundborg long-wave transmitter 243 kHz. Navigational warnings are conditions related to large ships. They are broadcasted by Lyngby Radio. Navigational warnings concerning the main routes in Danish waters are transmitted via NAVTEX.

Note: Navigational warnings in Greenland and on the Faroe Islands are transmitted by JRCC Greenland and JRCC Faroe Islands on behalf of the Danish Maritime Authority.

Note: Meteorological warnings are transmitted by the DMI via the above-mentioned means of transmission as well as on the DMI webpage

Notices to Mariners – Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands

Conditions of long duration as well as conditions that necessitate a chart correction are published in Notices to Mariners (EfS). EfS is continuously published on this webpage. Furthermore, it is possible to download a weekly summary of the notices that have been published during the week.

On the page with current warnings and notices under "Downloads", you will find the weekly summary of EfS. Furthermore, an accumulated overview of last year's EfS notices, an overview of Danish Defence firing practice areas at sea and other relevant information are available here.

Danish Defence Firing Practice Areas at Sea

The Danish Defence frequently execute shooting exercises in the firing practice areas. Practice areas are shown in the nautical charts. The dates and times of firing exercises are available from the Danish Maritime Authority's webpage together with other nautical information. Details regarding the individual shooting areas are available from the "Firing annex". Questions regarding the firing areas or regarding the information in the firing annex should be directed to Defence Command Denmark (VFK).