Aids to navigation: Report defects and findings

​​If you find aids to navigation in a place where they should not be, we would like to know about it.

It is important that we get as many details as possible so that we can identify the owner of the aids to navigation and transmit a warning saying that it is no longer found in its official position.

Minor defects to aids to navigation, such as a lacking top, defective reflective tape, a dirty or bleached colour, etc., can also be reported by means of the form below. Please report major defects such as lacking aids to navigation, lights that are not turned on, wrong positions, drifting aids to navigation that present a risk to shipping, etc. to the officer of the watch by telephone +45 72 19 60 40.

Aids to navigation: Report defects and findings

(Defects, non-conformities, type of navigational aid, colour, form, material (steel or plastic), light, top, number or name of navigational aid)

(Where has the observation been made? – Place name, distinguishing marks or buildings, GPS position etc.)


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Aids to navigation findings
Safety of Navigation, National Waters